Cafe Boheme: A melting pot in the south metro

Do you speak Korean?

I asked because right here in Cafe Boheme, that’s the “unofficial” langauge. Hey, I’m not in Korea. I’m in the upper middle class village of BF Homes in Paranaque City (the Philippines). Cafe Boheme is the Korean “coffee shop-tambayan.” For some reason, Koreans like the place even though a new Starbucks has sprouted a few blocks away.

The younger set populate Cafe Boheme. It’s probably the big lounge chairs and music that attracts them here. Food and coffee are withinnbudget range. Coffee which is the equivalent of a grande in Starbucks is only 65 pesos.

But Sweetie and I love this place, too. It’s quieter than Starbucks, for one. The coffee may be so-so but the pastas and sandwiches are delicious. So what’s a coffee shop without good coffee? Wi-fi is free, buddy! We all know that wi-fi isn’t free in Starbucks (at least in the Philippines!).

For the not-so-young, newspapers are free and up-to-date. There’s Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star and Inquirer.

The Koreans? Well, they’re pretty cool here. They “tambay”just like we do. Sweetie is immersed in her book while I’m hammering away at my netbook. Oh, my netbook’s LG — Korean-made. So I guess I’m an honorary Korean, too, for today. 🙂

If you’re in the BF Paranaque area, Cafe Boheme is across the Tides, and is past the Presentation Church. Drop by the place and come back to this blog to comment if you’re not satisfied.

For now, I’m enjoying my coffee and raisin oatmeal cookie. Chow! (how do you say that in Korean?)


About bnievera

Budz Nievera is an internet advertising practitioner by profession and a fascinator of life in general. Having had experience as a columnist, contributor and bureau chief for local and regional publications, Budz always feels the itch to write, express and expose. He lives in the suburbs, south of Metro Manila.
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2 Responses to Cafe Boheme: A melting pot in the south metro

  1. Edita Laurel says:

    Cafe Boheme? A not so Korean name for a Korean place! :0). but that’s ok – i will visit when I am in Manila.

    thanks for the info.


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